Board of Directors Development

Our long term plan is to turn the day to day management of the training farm over to a Mozambican board of directors after the end of the 2 year initiation of the project. In Mozambiquea board of directors is called an association. Usually an Association has about 10 members. We want the Project Frango Association to have strong community representation so from the beginning we have started working with community members to train them in management skills. After our first meeting, the community developed a name for the Association. In Emakua, (the local language) it is: Waarya Wansuwa which translates in English to “Sunlight”. Exciting times ahead.

More on Water

Water is vital to life and our Project. Most of the time wells in Mozambique are as deep as 50 meters and are designated as borehole wells. We were very excited to strike water on our Project Frango land because this is not always a sure thing. The studies show an adequate water supply to run the training farm. Now that this major hurdle is crossed we are getting final legal permission to use the land and then will start the building process.