Project FranGO

A Friends of Mozambique Development Initiative


The Natikiri administrative district is located in the Nampula Province in northeastern Mozambique. It is home to approximately 50,000 people and is mainly a rural area with multiple small single family farms. It consists of the communities of Marrere, Natikiri and Murrapaniua.

The main care center is the Marrere General Hospital and when needed patients are referred to capital of the province, Nampula city, 20 km away. The community has a close connection with the hospital through the co-management committee. This is a group of approximately 50 community members and 4 hospital leaders. They support health knowledge transfer among local members and run community organizations such as the motorcycle ambulance system and Project FranGO.

The national Health sciences university, Universidade Lurio, is located within the Natikiri administrative district and its students and staff work closely with the community at the family and health center levels. This allows Project FranGO to be closely allied with the University nutrition and community health department.

Overview of Country

Detail of Nampula city area