Project FranGO

A Friends of Mozambique Development Initiative



Community of Natikiri, the local civic health management body, will provide local program oversight.

Universidade Lurio ( will design and deliver health training and research design, analysis and dissemination.

Novos Horizontes (, a local company that currently fosters entrepreneurship amongst approximately 130 Mozambican farmers, will provide leadership regarding building and operation of the training farm.

Dr. Ron Siemens

Dr. Ron Siemens is a Pediatric Emergency medicine specialist who has been working closely with his Mozambican colleagues at Universidade Lurio and in the community of Natikiri since 2010. He began with partnership development and community based participatory action research curriculum development. He then became the Canadian principal investigator in a system wide Maternal Newborn Mortality reduction project in Natikiri, funded by the Canadian government (IDRC) and called the Alert Community Prepared Hospital. Project FranGo grew out of the observations of need for family education and income generation to break the poverty cycle.

Dr. Siemens has had extensive experience in Nepal, Haiti, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Southern Mozambique. He sees the vital need for us to come alongside our fellow human beings, learn from them and help to be catalysts in developing healthy societies in every way possible.

“It is the opportunity of a lifetime: being invited to share in the lives of the vibrant motivated people of Mozambique.
These experiences bring me face to face with myself; my strengths, weakness, and opinions. The joy of a lifetime is to know oneself and be open to what others have to share.”

Carlos Pueque

Carlos Pueque is a long-term respected spiritual leader in Natikiri area and the leader of the community co-management committee. This committee is instrumental in working with the health care team to improve overall health in the community. They will be providing land for the Project FranGO and managing community involvement.


Celso Belo

Celso Belo is a dedicated, innovative leader who is the Head of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Universidade Lurio, one of two national health sciences universities in Mozambique. He is dedicated to improving the education of the future health care leaders of Mozambique. He received his Medical degree from Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique and his Masters degree from the University of South Africa at Capetown. He believes strongly in the connection between university and community and strives to connect all his students with families in the community. He is the Mozambican principal investigator in the Alert Community Prepared Hospital program and will supervise University Lurio involvement in Project FranGO.

Friends of Mozambique

Shelly Balbar, Penny Leach, Anna Ringstrom and Connie Siemens make up the fundraising team for Project FranGO. They are brought together over their mutual desire to support development in Mozambique and see income generation improve the lives of local community members of Natikiri. They have pooled their communication, graphic design, community mobilization and organizational skills to work with Canada Gives to bring this project to fruition.